Specialty Coffees from Costa Rica brought to you from one of most richest grounds in the world. Using organic fertilizers and producing "CARBONO NEUTRAL" emissions, we contribute to our enviroment

"Growing responsibly for our world"

Costa Rica is located in Central America. This country boats some of the most fertile ground from volcanic origin. The farmers of Costa Rica have been an essential part of the development of the country in the last 200 years. In eight areas of the country, SHB 100 % ARABICA COFFEE is produced. One of the best areas for producing "THE BEST COFFEE OF THE WORLD" is the TARRAZU REGION, which lies between 1500 and 1900 meter above sea level. Here the coffee is cultivated in a clean environment where the waste is recycled and the plantations are treated with organic fertilizer. TARRAZU produces coffee certified with PAS2060 (Carbon Neutral) by the British Standard Institution.

The areas where our coffee mills are located work very hard to maintain a policy of high environmental standards to help with global warming. The coffee "CARBONO NEUTRAL" is the favorite of the Queen of England.

Our Company brings the best coffee to you. We offer a variety of flavors with excellent body, rich aroma and balance of acidity levels. Our coffees exhibits a vast array of roasted flavors including chocolate, peach, mango and sweet macadamia. The coffees we distribute have received many awards in fairs all around the world.

Most of our coffees are Ranked by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) 80 and over.

Enjoy the best of our world renowned environmental friendly Coffee!!!!